Dance Days

13557864_1068988546470265_7334010529965230407_nDance Days is the Taliesin Arts Centre’s annual outdoor dance festival that brings a diverse mix of thrilling dance performances to Swansea. There are surprises around every corner in and around Castle Square and the National Waterfront Museum.

This exciting free festival is now firmly on the Swansea summer calendar, with this year promising to be a cheeky yet charming fun packed weekend.

Dance Days returns to the Swansea streets this summer for another free weekend of dance which all the family can enjoy. They join an international network of urban dance festivals, alongside cities such as Barcelona, Rio de Janeiro, Manchester and London, really putting Swansea on the map. Contemporary dance, street and parkour, and circus skills combine once more in Swansea’s annual festival which this year celebrates dance from all around the UK.

To read more information on CYDC’s involvement in Dance Days over the past few years and the choreographers who have worked with us, click here.

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